Getting in the Holiday Spirit

Can you believe the holidays are only weeks away?! Here in Vancouver Christmas never really feels like Christmas to me. The month of December is typically cool, wet and dark. We sometimes get snow but it’s never cold enough to last long before the rain washes it away. I also find the city isn’t that big into decorations and aside from a few festive attempts like a big Christmas tree – not much else gets decorated.

When I was a university student I studied in cities far from home, so once final exams were done I was on the first plane home to celebrate with family. This meant I never decorated my university home with Christmas decorations because I wouldn’t actually be there over the holidays. Now this mentality and tradition has carried onto my adult life. I often don’t spend the holidays at my home, so I never decorate. But it’s cyclical and as a result it never feels like Christmas! I don’t have a ton of space in my small condo or much storage space so adding decorations that are only used for a couple weeks a year feels indulgent and unnecessary. But I’m starting to question if I need to start some traditions to get me in the holiday spirit. I used to help my mom with a lot of Christmas baking, but when you live by yourself, it’s not really necessary to bake a bunch of goodies, even if you give them away to friends. I know I’ll just be tempted to eat way too many sweets!

Do you guys have any holidays traditions you can share? I would love to hear how others have created their own traditions to make the holidays special as I explore what to do!