You have five days to pull your head out of your ass and decide who to vote for

undecided-sign-570x320It’s almost here. That one Tuesday in November that we’ve all been waiting for.

Election Day is in FIVE DAYS.

Can I see a wave of hands if you’re SOOOO ready for this election to be over with? SHEESH.

I don’t know about where you live, but here in Iowa, we’ve got some tight races going on. Not just tight, but super tight– like how my pants feel after I’ve eaten too much Mexican food.

Every commercial, every radio ad, every everything you hear on TV centers around the election – who’s visiting where, who has said what about the other one, and who has someone famous backing them. The only break we get is from this little old thing called ebola that seems to be also fighting for screen time as well.

Don’t you wish that there was a rule that every campaign had to be positive? That the only commercials on TV, the only spots on the radio, the only {millions of} fliers in our mailbox, were simply the candidate saying “this is who I am , and this is what I stand for.” Period. No lists of reasons why he’s better than her, or why she’s better than him, and “she did this and this and this, so I am the better candidate.”

This is just ONE day's worth of political mail in our mailbox.

This is just ONE day’s worth of political mail in our mailbox.

Bottom line, if you’re going to vote, do it for the right reasons. Vote because you’re informed about which candidate is best for our state, our country, or even your city. Vote for the person YOU want, not the person that the ads are telling you to vote for. Candidates and their PR people are desperately hoping you will step into that voting booth and remember that flashy TV ad that said how horrible their opponent is. They’ll want you to remember how you felt when you saw the struggling farmer that tearfully told in 30 seconds of TV time how much so-and-so saved their farm, or fought for their rights, or whatever the current headline du jour is. They’ll want you to remember that this candidate is a Mom LIKE YOU, or this one is a farmer LIKE YOU, or this one wants to keep Social Security as-is JUST LIKE YOU.

Don’t make your choice based on any of these things. Don’t vote because of that flyer you got in the mail, or that ad that seems to be on a constant loop during your local newscast. I urge you, I beg you, and I’m pleading to you, this one simple thing.

Take these next five days to research. Try to find out as much as you can about the candidates that will appear on your ballot. Find out the stories behind the scenes, the truth behind those ads, and truly take time to think how each candidate will represent you and all of us once the election is over. I think we can all agree on one thing: with the direction we are currently headed, something needs to change. So either put your faith in someone new and trust they can make positive changes, or put your faith in someone already in office and hope that they can steer this big ship we’re all passengers on, in the right direction.

Because once those polls close on Tuesday night, there’s no turning back.

And my promise to everyone? I will respect your choices. I will respect any official that we elect into office, whether my ballot helped put them there or not. I won’t just respect them, I will also pray for them. I will pray for all of our elected officials that whether I agree with them or not, that they do what’s best for all of us.

Be informed, and then go to your polling place on Tuesday and VOTE.

The Day I Didn’t Get Baptized at Church Because My Legs Weren’t Shaved

p_shaving_101_p03A couple weeks ago, we found out that it was Baptism Sunday at our new church. Now it’s not like baptisms at a Catholic church, mind you. You know the baptisms where the priest puts a few drops of holy water on a baby’s forehead while the parents and godparents look on lovingly?

That’s not how baptisms work in a Pentecostal church. We’re talking water trough of water, and you get in the tub with your Pastor and someone else, they say a prayer for you, and then you get dunked underwater.

At the first service, five people made the choice to be baptized. We went to the second service, where we were told that anyone who wanted to choose to be baptized that day could go change into a t-shirt and shorts.

I had watched every single one of the TWENTY people in the second service go through and get baptized, giving their lives to Christ. I kept thinking I should go up and do it as well, but what was holding me back?

Thinking about how I hadn’t shaved my legs in almost 3 weeks because it’s fall. Also because I’m lazy and hit the snooze button too many times in the morning and don’t give myself enough time to get ready for work.

Long scary leg hair. First world problem, indeed.

Oops, I Did It Again!

We started going to church again. Being the genius that I am, it only took me like SEVEN YEARS to realize that if we wanted to find a church that was like our old one, I needed to just get the heck out of my comfort zone and find one. It seemed like every day since my Grandma’s funeral, there was something– some sign– each and every day– that told me we needed God again in our lives.

First there was the yellow rose, the missing necklace that mysteriously made its way back into my life, but then there were even more signs. How about the fact that every single day on my Facebook page, sometimes several times a day, Facebook was reminding me how many people I knew had “liked” or were “checking in” at this one particular church? How about the fact that one of my Facebook friends was recently named Youth Pastor at a church in our area? How about the fact that I randomly opened the mailbox the other day to find an anonymous envelope (addressed by hand with a handwritten note) asking if I needed Jesus back in my life?

What the WHAT? Yes, that really happened. Granted, it was from a PO Box registered to Jehovah’s Witnesses but still– randome piece of mail??

And what about the card I found as I was getting out of bed a few weeks ago? I have absolutely NO IDEA where this came from, or how it got into my room.


Does anyone have an explanation for all of these things happening?

So off to church we went. AGAIN. Getting my family up out of bed on a Sunday morning five weeks ago to try yet another church that I drug them to, on a whim that this one might be the one. Maybe this time I will like the church and want to keep going back.

Now don’t get me wrong– we’ve been to some great churches in the last several years. Met some great people, enjoyed the Pastors and the music and the atmosphere. But something was still missing all this time and I really couldn’t quite figure out why I wasn’t content.

Imagine my excitement when I walked into a new church a few weeks ago, and fell in love. Like head over heels, wanna hold your hand, writing your name on my notebook, LOVE.

We’ve now been to this church four times.  The Pastor and his wife have taken us out to lunch one Sunday after church, I’ve been invited to a Women’s group at the church where we are studying a great book (more on that later), and we’ve made friends.   We don’t mind getting out of bed early on Sunday mornings, and we don’t mind spending 90 minutes of our weekend in church.


{Book Review} Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl: A NovelGone Girl: A Novel by Gillian Flynn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve been trying to think of just exactly what I think about this book. I’ve been seeing the previews for the movie on TV for weeks now, and I knew I wanted to read the book before the movie came out. I think we can all agree that the books are almost ALWAYS better than their movie version.

This is why I was anxious to read ‘Gone Girl.’ I had a conversation with some co-workers about this book, and it seemed to be a ‘love it or hate it’ kinda story. I started reading a few days ago, and I can best sum it up in two sentences.

I loved it. And I hated it.

This was another book that followed the pattern of alternating chapters between two narrators. One chapter would be the husband, Nick Dunn. The next would be his wife, Amy. Nick & Amy Dunn are a young married couple, and they have moved from New York to Missouri so that Nick can be closer to his family. They aren’t happy in New York and they certainly aren’t happy after moving to Missouri.

Nick comes home on their 5th wedding anniversary to find his wife missing, the house in disarray and no clues as to where she would have gone.

The book floats from chapter to chapter, leaving me guessing as to what really happened to Amy every time I turn the page? Was it him? Was it someone else? Was it a friend, a lover, a parent? Where did Amy disappear to?

The story was mesmerizing, in a very dark way. It was suspenseful and it drove me crazy to not have it all figured out right away. I loved the story line, but oh my gosh– how I hated Amy Dunn. And her husband was right up on my list of people I’d like to punch in the face. The story painted a picture of someone with a very dark personality disorder, and it was amazing to read about the scheming, the planning, the sheer ambition it took to pull off the disappearance of Amy Dunn.

I’ll stop there. You’ll have to read for yourself.

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