Weight Watchers Week 20, or actually 28

weight-scaleI have been on Weight Watchers for 28 weeks now. I consider it 20, though, because I skipped 8 meetings in a row and wasn’t sticking to the plan very well. But really, I was paying for the meetings I missed, so I might as well hold myself accountable and count those weeks.

Before I break down and tell you how the scale treated me last night, I am going to you give a run-down of some of the things I ate this past week:

Saturday Morning Breakfast - Breakfast Croissant - 18 WW Points

Saturday Morning Breakfast – Sausage, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Croissant – 18 WW Points

Saturday Lunch - Wendy's Single  (no cheese) - 11 Points

Wendy’s Single (no cheese) – 11 Points

Saturday Lunch - Wendy's Medium Fries - 11 Points

Saturday Lunch – Wendy’s Medium Fries – 11 Points

Snacks: TWO OF THESE - 8 Points EACH

Snacks: TWO OF THESE – 8 Points EACH

Snack - Twix PB - 7 Points

Snack – Twix PB – 7 Points

Snack - Reese's Big Cup - 6 Points

Snack – Reese’s Big Cup – 6 Points

Snack - 6 Sugared Donut Holes - 4 Points EACH

Snack – 6 Sugared Donut Holes – 4 Points EACH

There you have it. NINETY-THREE POINTS worth of food I shouldn’t have eaten. That’s an average of 13.2 points per day of junk I shouldn’t have shoved in my mouth. I won’t make excuses, because I made the CHOICE to eat all of it.

Obviously, by now you’ve realized I gained weight on the scale this week. Not a lot, only .6 pounds, but still– a GAIN.

I always feel guilty after weigh-ins like this. I could almost kick myself thinking of all the hours I put in working out, only to waste it. I could have been burning off fat and building muscle, but instead I used all that exercise to get rid of most of the crap I had eaten that week.

Did it make me feel good after I ate that crap? No, it didn’t. Not one bit. Actually, since I’ve been eating healthy for a while now, it makes me feel miserable eating a lot of fat or sugar. I feel lethargic, bloated, and tired when I don’t eat the right foods. I tracked all of it in my food journal so I knew it was bad. I used all my daily points, all of my activity points, and all my extra weekly allowance points. Yet, I was STILL in the hole 26 points for the week. That’s bad. Had I not been exercising, who knows what the scale would have read last night?

Lesson learned. I’ve got to quit sabotaging my progress and make better choices.

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