Weight Watchers: Week 19

weight-scaleMy word for Wednesday night’s weigh-in:


I have been trying for a very long time to get over that 15-pound mark.  It’s a number I have NEVER gotten to any of the times I have tried Weight Watchers.   NEVER.

Until last night.

I was nervous as I stepped on the scale, because I’ve been in this situation before.  Well, I’ve been in this situation every week since New Years.  I think I’ve lost weight.  I feel like I’ve lost weight.  But the scale decides to be finicky, and I end up losing nothing.  Or worse, I’ve gained weight.

Again, that was until last night.

I wound up with a 2.6 pound weight loss last night, giving me an overall weight loss of 16.2 pounds.

It’s an incredible feeling, and what a damn relief!

I sat and thought about it last night; all the things I could contribute my success to this past week.  I am not sure if it was any one thing in particular, but probably a good combination of a few things:

  1. I changed up my activity this week.  I tried things I hadn’t tried before.  Instead of spending so much time just walking, I chose activities that would work up a sweat (kickboxing, step classes, Tabata) and actually cause my heart rate to go up.
  2. One of my blog friends from Texas, Belinda, left me a comment last week challenging me to try adding more protein to my food intake.  I decided to give it a try, and Friday night bought the protein shakes she recommended.  I have had one shake for breakfast (with some fruit) every day since.
  3. I did a better job of tracking, and also of measuring my portion sizes better.
  4. Bottom line, I stepped out of my comfort zone.

If you are interested, you can check out my progress on my Fitness page.  I’ve got lots of mini-goals I’m working towards!   Also, be watching for my review of the protein shakes I’ve been using.

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