There’s really no rest for the weary… a.k.a. THE MOMS

frazzled-momNo rest for the weary…

I always wonder how other moms make everything “work” in their lives. Working moms, stay-home moms, all of of the moms on Pinterest, you know who they all are. They can do several things at once, and make it all look so EASY. In reality, I wonder how many of those moms are really making it all work and how many are just barely treading water.

I feel like the latter… the mom that’s treading water. I’m doing a million things halfway, and there’s just never enough time in the day to get it all done.

A typical day for me:

  • I get up at 5:30. Get ready for work, so husband and I can be out the door by 6:30 am.
  • Make sure to remember my gym bag, lunch bag, purse, and my protein shake.
  • Get to work — fill up two Ziploc freezer bags with ice cubes (because we have no refrigerator in our office) to put in my cooler.
  • I work until lunchtime, then lug my gym bag all the way to the fitness center across the building.
  • I change clothes in the locker room, and head to a 30 minute fitness class.
  • After class, I get back to the locker room.  Shower, and get dressed back into my work clothes.
  • Head back to work for the rest of the afternoon.
  • When I leave work, I head straight for the fitness center again — change clothes AGAIN, and then it’s another 60 minutes of exercise.
  • Go back to the locker room, grab my stuff, and head out to the parking lot where my husband is waiting to pick me up.
  • Come home, go through the mail
  • Spend the next 90 minutes in the kitchen, getting dinner ready, eating, and then cleaning up.
  • Unpack my gym bag and my lunch bag.  Put the dirty clothes in the laundry and the dirty lunch dishes in the dishwasher.
  • Repack gym bag with clean clothes & clean towel. 
  • Repack lunch for the next day, making sure that I keep track of Weight Watchers points, getting enough servings of fruits & veggies, and that I have enough food for breakfast, lunch, and snacks.
  • Take the lunch downstairs to the basement fridge to keep it cold.
  • Shower to rinse off from the exercise class that was probably (by now) about 2 hours ago.
  • Check my meal planning calendar to see what I am making for dinner the following night.  Make sure I get all the prep done before bed.
  • Pick up house
  • Make sure the dogs get fed
  • Make sure I have some contact with my children and my husband.
  • Crash into bed later than I intend to, exhausted but unable to sleep because my mind replays the million things I did NOT get done that day.
  • Wake up the next morning, and repeat.

Now this may not seem completely horrible, but I still have to squeeze other things into my schedule, like planning our meals, making a grocery list, clipping coupons, paying bills, Weight Watchers meetings, laundry, housework…  and don’t forget, I still haven’t mentioned spending any quality time with my husband or my kids.   It’s truly overwhelming, and really– exhausting just thinking about it.  There is no time to sit down and read a book. No time to sit and watch a whole TV show, unless its recorded and I can fast-forward through it. 

My dogs are overdue for a vet visit.  I have piles of clothes, purses and shoes that need to be dropped off at the consignment store.  My bedroom is in a constant state of chaos, as clothes are thrown everywhere, piled everywhere, because I just can’t find or make the time to get them put away.  Beds are routinely left unmade, I could seriously write my name, address AND phone number in the dust on the furniture.   There are a million to-do items that are in process, and like I said before, nothing is actually getting DONE.

I don’t get birthday cards sent out on time, if they get sent out at all.  I try to make small changes in my life to get organized, to get in control, to NOT get overwhelmed, but eventually I just hit a brick wall.  Laundry piles up, house cleaning happens about as often as a solar eclipse, and I just feel like every time I cross something off my to-do list, I add three more things to be done. 

There’s never an end in sight.  There is no finish line when you’re a mom.  And there truly is no rest for the weary.

Can you relate?


  2 comments for “There’s really no rest for the weary… a.k.a. THE MOMS

  1. Stacie Gorkow @SincerelyStacie
    Twitter: SincerelyStacie
    February 6, 2013 at 1:06 PM

    I can relate! What is looks like right now is you are making yourself a priority which is something you haven’t done in a LONG time I am guessing. Sounds like maybe some family members can help pick up the slack and you will have to be ok with letting some things go and being done differently that how you do it. I may not like how my husband loads the dishwasher and my type A tendencies want to reload it, but I have learned that he did it to help me and I need to appreciate that. Me going and redoing it sends a message to him that it isn’t good enough. It took me 14 years to figure that out and let it go, but it was so worth it! Hang in there! It will all be worth it!
    Stacie Gorkow @SincerelyStacie´s last blog post ..Valentine’s Box Idea

    • February 6, 2013 at 9:03 PM

      Good point! And you’re absolutely right — thanks for the support! Smile

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