So this is what 40 looks like…

I'm the one in the middle.  I can hardly stand to admit that.

I’m the one in the middle. I can hardly stand to admit that.

I turned 40 today. Typing those words doesn’t make it feel any more real, any more believeable. I can remember when my parents turned 40. I was a senior in high school when my parents got to that age, and it seemed so OLD to me at the time. Sorry Mom! Now here I am making the trip over that hill (gulp), and it seems like it all happened in the blink of an eye.

In my 40 years of being in this world, I have:

…given birth to three children.
…been married for almost 13 years to the man of my dreams.
…had seven jobs.
…owned eight vehicles.
…gotten three tattoos.
…been to music programs, band concerts, and parent/teacher conferences.
…been to more softball and soccer games than I can count.
…placed a child for adoption.
…given a temporary home to three different foster children.
…bungee jumped.
…read more books than I could ever list.
…written about so many things in my life. Right here.
…learned to cook.
…gained weight.
…lost weight.
…become a couponer.
…discovered wrinkles.
…gained stretch marks.
…found hair growing in weird places.
…named the black hair that keeps growing on my left cheek. I call him Nicodemus.
…refused to name the boob hair that keeps sprouting on my right boob. That just seems wrong.
…owned three homes.
…been to hell and back, or at least what seemed like it at the time.
…screamed and yelled.
…enjoyed weddings.
…cried at funerals.
…made friends.
…lost friends.
…made some crazy decisions.
…made some amazingly good choices.
…been scared.
…been confident.
…cried many times.
…laughed infinitely more.

Basically,I’m still that same tall, gangly girl you see in the picture– just a lot older, a lot wiser, and a lot more sure of myself.

Thank you to everyone that has been a part of my life so far, whether it be for forty years, forty minutes, or even for the forty seconds it just took you to read this post.

I can’t wait to see what the next 40 years will bring.

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