New Year, New Plan

2011-year-resolution-400x400I am not going to even bother linking to all the times I’ve posted about my New Year’s Resolutions. Resolutions I’ve made, tried, failed at, broken, etc. The list goes on.

Part of my problem is I make too many resolutions. I make a list of five things I want to do, and try to start them all at one time. It’s overwhelming making that many changes all at once, so I drop all those balls I’m juggling in the air, and by February, I’ve fizzled out on everything.

This year, I’m going to start small. ONE change in ONE part of my life. So here goes…

In 2013, I will get to my goal weight. October 1st is my target date to reach this goal. That will be the only resolution I will focus on this year. As of today, I have 50.2 pounds to lose, and 40 weeks to do it.


Because every resolution needs a plan to make it happen, here’s how I am going to get there:

1. I’ve given myself a “100-Day New Year Challenge” that will start tomorrow (January 1st) and run through 100 days (through April 10th). My goal is 200 miles, and 3,000 minutes of exercise.

2. I’ve joined the “Rock Your Resolution Challenge” through Map My Run.

3. I ordered three new Step Aerobic DVDs through Amazon. As soon as they get here, I will get started. I will be using those DVDs with one of my most favorite Christmas gifts this year:

4. I’ve got one hour of exercise scheduled on my calendar every single day. It can be moved around to whatever works for me that particular day.
calendar slot

5. Remember this quote:


Making this resolution a successful one requires a lot of work, and 110% effort. If I can make this happen, AND I WILL, 2012 WILL be the last fat year of my life.


What are YOUR New Year’s Resolutions?

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