Featured Iowa Blogger: Lauren from “Girl With a Gypsy Heart”

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About two and a half months ago, I opened an email from Lauren.  It contained this post, where she told me all about herself, included pictures and wrote all about how much she wanted to be included in the Featured Iowa Blogger series.   You will see by reading her featured post below, there really is nothing I could say that could even begin to do her justice.   Smile   Please take some time out of your day to read a little about Lauren, her Iowa blog, and then stop over to her site and pay her a visit.


Hi there! A big ‘thank you’ to Jenni for creating the opportunity to guest post here! I am thrilled to share a sliver of my life with you today. I am a twenty-something professional wanderer, dreamer, chef, lover, blogger, sister, and photographer, as well as the author of Girl With a Gypsy Heart. I would have to say my main objective in life is to make sure it’s not wasted.

When I first saw Jenni’s post on ‘featured Iowa Bloggers’, I was blown away by all of the different stories and perspectives women have on life in Iowa. While we’ve all got something in common, that’s for sure, but we all have vastly different roles and characters in our stories.

A bit about myself and my blog: I have been blogging since 2009 when I accepted a nanny position in France. I’ve always loved to write, but I had always been pretty self-conscious about other people reading my thoughts (I still have to admit it’s nerve-racking knowing my words and thoughts are anything but confidential!), but knowing that I’d be so far away and anticipating the adventures and struggles I’d have while I was over there, I wanted a way to not only document what I was experiencing, but also to share it with my loved ones who would soon be so far from me. That was the beginning, however, just recently (in the past few months), I’ve gotten serious about committing time from my week to improve my blog and make it somewhere someone would like to sit and read regularly.

My blog is all about this crazy thing called life! It revolves around my many passions, mainly being food, Jesus, people, photography, and traveling, but every once in a while I’ll throw in a curve ball to keep things interesting. Seeing as how I have a day job to pay the bills, my blog is an outlet of sorts to help balance my desires to be creative as well as to document seasons of life, some wonderful, some extremely difficult. I have found camaraderie through posts of extremely difficult life lessons that I would have neglected without a place to voice my experience. For me, my blog is a therapeutic outlet. My hope is that it helps and inspires others to find their best outlet or to recognize things in their life that may need a little extra attention.

MollsSome questions answered:

How did you come up with your blog name?
As mentioned earlier, my blog was the result of my desire to bridge the inevitable gap between Iowa, Oregon, and all my loves on this continent, with the new life and adventures I’d be leading abroad. There’s not a day that passes that I don’t recognize how much I am like my father and he had always said he and I had ‘gypsy hearts’, we’re always looking for our next adventure, for a new place to explore. Neither of us have ever been content with staying in one place for long. Therefore, I am his girl with a gypsy heart.

You get to have dinner with one famous person (living or dead) – who would you choose and why?
If I could have dinner with one famous person, living or dead, I would have to choose Brennan Manning. He is the author of so many of my favorite books and just had this ability to write with truth and vulnerability in a way that resonates with my heart and soul. He had such a way with words. Fellow readers may agree that there are authors that you feel are your kindred spirits, when you read their works you know there’s some sort of connection with the author, something you can’t quite pin-point, but you know that if you were to meet them there would be a special connection. That’s how I feel about Brennan Manning. I would pick his brain about life, love, and all of his many adventures.

If money and jobs weren’t a factor, what 1 place in the world would you live?
If money and jobs weren’t a factor I’d either live in Ireland or somewhere along the Mediterranean. Ireland is, by far, the most charming place I’ve ever been – the people there are so relational and wonderful, that they’re honestly absolutely addictive!! Then there’s the food and the music, oh, don’t get me started on the fiddles and accordions! And the Mediterranean, well, it’s just out-of-this-world GORGEOUS. Plus, I could swim for miles in those blue, blue waters.

If you could be on any reality show, which one would you choose and why?
If I could be on any reality show… I would definitely choose to be on Anthony Bourdain’s ‘No Reservations’. I could be his side-kick. Smile I’m not sure any of his producers would approve of me, but I think that all of our differences could create a beautiful harmony to the show. Honest! Furthermore, I love his raw, uncut view on life. He does such justice to the places and people he meets in the way he captures everyday life. He is yet another man who just has such a way with words, he can make even the most unpleasant experience somewhat poetic.

What is one thing you’ve always REALLY wanted to do but haven’t?
One thing I’ve always really wanted to do is have a photo session with Sue Bryce. She’s my very favorite photographer and she works wonders. As a photographer, I’m used to being on the looking side of the lens and feel I’d learn a lot being the subject for once. She truly can transform the way a woman looks in the mirror. However, until recently, she was always based in Australia, so I’ve been saving up for the trip of a lifetime, but she’s also a pretty hot commodity, this woman is high in demand!

61162_1414939011514_1617551_nWant to see and read more of Lauren?

Would you like be a Featured Iowa Blogger? Visit my Get Featured page for more details. If you’d like to read about past Featured Bloggers, here they are!

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  1. karin
    April 2, 2014 at 8:45 AM

    I peeked at this blog — love it! I like how you are featuring Iowa bloggers. I just told my co-worker about your intro to blogging … she would like to start one soon!

  2. April 2, 2014 at 6:32 PM

    I love Lauren already!!! Hopping over to check out her blog and follow! Thanks for introducing her to us!!!
    Beth Ann Chiles´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday

    • April 4, 2014 at 8:54 AM

      Isn’t she just a doll!

  3. August 14, 2014 at 7:54 PM

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